Florence – Gap year plans

I am just about to finish school….aghhh!

My plan is as follows… get a job, earn money and go travelling in Europe seeing art – if all else fails just go to Florence before going to university to study art history.

Florence has interested me for a while now, as a lover of art history and it seems almost mandatory to go to such an artistically influential city and it’s sunny which is definitely better than the average UK weather!!

Home to some of the most major Italian renaissance artists such as Donatello, Michelangelo, Fra Angelico and Leonardo da Vinci …amongst others. Even without the art the architecture and city  itself is an attraction.

It is a city that is laid on the foundations of its cultural history, the cultural capital of a country primarily famous for its history and art.

This is what I know so far ….

If anyone has been/lives there please give me some tips on what I should definitely see/do  please let me know in the comments – any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks 🙂



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