Bath UK – Top 5

Bath is a small city in the South West of the UK with good links to Bristol Airport and London by rail.

It has been a cultural hub for 1000’s of years – Through the Roman times it was prized for its healing natural spa waters and in the Georgian period was second only to London for it’s social life – little has changed – it is still the same beautiful city with plenty to see and do.

  1. The Royal Crescent – this impressive feat of Georgian architecture provides a beautiful panorama of the city and the Somerset and Cotswold countryside – it achieves an elevated viewpoint despite being within close proximity to the city centre.

2. The cities many restaurants and pubs – dining on any scale from low key and casual tofine and fancy – Bath is suitable for any occasion. If you just fancy a quick drink there are plenty of small indie pubs or larger establishments.

3.Moles – if you fancy a night on the town this seemingly small club is well worth it. Having hosted gigs by the likes of Bob Marley, The Smiths and the Cure you never know what you might hear there on a Friday night.

4. The city’s many museums: – from modern to ancient the museums of Bath cater to all interests from art to fashion and beyond. Amongst the best loved are: The Fashion Museum, The Holburne and The American Museum.

5. The Roman Baths – the whole reason this city is here is due to the supposed healing qualities of the water that rises in natural springs in Bath. According to myth, Bladud was cured of leprosy when he visited the springs and since then. The springs then became the main attraction during the Roman period and the rest is literally, history.


In all well worth a visit – for a short break or a longer holiday.


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