My favourite artists – Top 5

There are so many artists that I like so I have chosen only 5 for this post – all of them male- I will will be writing a post on female artists soon.

  • Hieronymus Bosch – an artist of the early modern period and his works directly relate to the christian images. However, the style of his works are somewhat surreal and some might say that the works of Dali are somewhat inspired by Bosch’s works.


  • Hans Holbein the Younger – this artist trained in Basel is most famous, and rightly so, for his portraits of Tudor courtiers and Henry VIII and his wives. His skill as a draughtsman and painter is noticeable. His works have an agenda, somewhat, of propaganda for the Tudor court. ( see my post on art and propaganda:   )



  • Johannes Vermeer – Vermeer’s oil paintings depict the home life of dutch people during the 1600’s. Vermeer was a practitioner of the relatively new skill of perspective, giving his scenes a depth that previous artists had not accomplished. He is best known for his work The Girl with the Pearl Earring.



  • Edward Wadsworth – A member of the Vorticist movement of the early 20th century and one of the founders of the anti – war magazine Blast. He was also responsible for painting for designing the naval camouflage of Dazzle paintings during World War 2. His works draw on constructivist and more naturalistic styles – illustrating the breadth of his work.


  • Jean Michel Basquiat – A young artist, during the 1970s his work was widely popular. His style is similar to that of the works of CY Twombly and the graffiti of the current day. His early death at the age of 28 has made him somewhat of a cult figure within the art world.



Who are your favourite artists??


2 thoughts on “My favourite artists – Top 5

Add yours

  1. My favourite five artists are: Van Gogh, Berthe Morisot, William Bouguereau, John Everett Millais, John William Waterhouse


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