My favourite 5 blogs – that aren’t my own

I thought it would be interesting to share with you my favourite blogs that cover art, history and other subjects i’m interested in…

Women ‘n Art is a blog about that covers … well – Women and Art. Informative and interesting – the posts cover all genres and eras of art and are a must read for art lovers, women and feminists everywhere!

Posts about events throughout history. Covers all countries, periods and people – from biographies to mythology. Great for research and finding out interesting tidbits – good for Pub Quizzes – I’m sure!

A collection of beautiful photos of India – considered compositions that draw the viewer in – the character of the subjects is captured brilliantly. The mundane becomes something else. I only wish I had such skill!

For those who love a good read – lots of reviews on lots of books. Classics and modern writing and every genre on the spectrum. If you’re stuck for a book look no further.

For people who like to have a witty quip for any moment. Quotes from the obscure and more well known people of the world, past and present. Inspiring and motivating – if that’s your thing, or just out of interest.


Thanks for reading – please like/comment đŸ™‚


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