Blog Post Ideas – for Art/History blogs

Here are a few ideas for fellow bloggers who write about art and/or history

Art Topics

  • Your favourite artist(s)
  • Your favourite piece of art
  • Your favourite style of art
  • A biography post about an artist
  • If you make your own art: Who you’re inspired by, your media, your process
  • Gallery/exhibition reviews
  •  Your top 5 art blogs ( that aren’t yours)
  • Tips for other bloggers
  • Events/developments in Art History
  • A review of a programme you heard or saw on the radio or telly.


History Topics

  • An event in History that you find interesting/was significant
  • On this day – style post
  • A specific person in history – male/female
  • A review of a programme/book that you read or saw
  • Copy and paste a version of a paper you’re writing and ask for feedback
  • Historic photo that you like/is iconic
  • Find out if you are related or have links to anyone famous in history and write about it
  • If you could go back in time, where would you go?
  • Alternative history – what would have happened if something else hadn’t.
  • Historic quotes

Hope this helps if any of you have writer’s block!!


Thanks for reading


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