The Walled Off Hotel – Banksy

Banksy has long been an enigma – the unknown Bristolian graffiti artist who has popularised this art form in the pact few decades. He is well known for his socially critical murals that can be seen around England – particularly in Bristol itself.

After making a name for himself in art he hit the silver screen with Exit through the Gift Shop a documentary film about the nature of public art, installations and graffiti. The film was well received by critics.

Banksy then appeared to go back to his graffiti, but in 2015 Banksy orchestrated the exhibition of Dismaland – a satire of Disneyland, in Weston – Super – Mare. Millions attended.

Most recently however, Banksy has overseen the building and, most importantly, the decorating of the Walled Off Hotel in Bethlehem, Palestine. Following the seemingly perpetual conflict between Israel and Palestine, Banksy built said hotel with the intention of creating a place where anyone could say – regardless of ethnicity, religion or culture – an important message in such a divided area.

Each room is not only themed differently, one to suit an oligarch another a Israeli  soldier, but also looks out onto watch towers and the wall that separates the two countries, which has been graffitied for all to see.

Not only is this a piece of habitable art but a real place to stay – check out the website…

Walled Off Hotel



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