April Playlist…

Here’s a playlist of the music I like to listen to when I’m chilling/drawing/doodling/ doing whatever…

  • Oliver’s Army – Elvis Costello: Political and somehow feel-good at the same time. I warn you it is VERY catchy and thats a good thing because it’s good music. Upbeat and definitely geek – chic/throwback to the 1970s


  • Ederlezi – Boban Markovic: Eastern European music at its best. The musicianship is evident and its a lovely traditional song that I discovered in the film Time of the Gypsies (well worth watching too.) Emotional and very listenable.


  • Stranger on the Shore – Aker Bilk: If only I could play the clarinet like he could…this is a romantic classic that you are sure to recognise from its various appearances in films and the like. Wistful and relaxing.


  • Stranger in Paradise – The Four Aces: 1950s boy – band with a difference: they can sing and the harmonies are beautiful. Very romantic – perfect for a quiet evening in.  Nostalgia will ensue if you listen to this – so be warned haha.


  • Lone Digger – Caravan Palace: French Electro Swing – very catchy and definitely a hit at parties or own your own at home. Break between drawings to get yourself a cup of tea and dance maybe??


  • Crucify your Mind – Rodriguez: The other Bob Dylan – an undiscovered (until recently) singer-songwriter who was discovered by white, angsty, South African’s during Apartheid. Great music, great documentary ( Searching for Sugar Man).


  • Fast Car – Tracy Chapman: I know it was covered but the original will always be better. Retrospective and tinged with darkness, sure to make you remember your own youthful escapades with your friends.


  • Roady – Fat Freddy’s Drop: This is what you are looking for at the end of a long week – you’ll be chilled out in no time. New Zealand dub/reggae inspired vibes – so laid back, so good.


  • Music for a Found Harmonium – Penguin Café Orchestra: Exactly what it says on the album sleeve. Expectant and cheerful but without being frenetic. Just nice really.


  • Perfect Day – Lou Reed: So you’ve had a bad week …listen to this for some cathartic release – albeit in the most sarcastic way possible. Either that or you just want reminding of the first Trainspotting film from 1996. Either’s good – as is this song.


Happy Listening – 🙂

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