10 Female Artists you should know…

Women have often been subordinate in the art world despite the fact that there were so many skilled female artists in previous years that have only recently been fully acknowledged.

  • Rosa Bonheur – French, lesbian, a major painter of animals – she won many awards and popularised the subject matter of animals and landscapes involving them – providing inspiration for male artists such as George Stubbs.


  • Tamara de Lempika – a major force in the Art Deco movement of the 1920s. She was well known in her native Germany and painted the portraits of many aristocracy members.


  • Caterina van Hemessen – One of the earliest female artists, painting at the same time as Pieter Breughel the Elder in the Flemish style. The daughter of a successful painter – she had a rare education ( at least for a young woman) that allowed her to progress in a male dominated market.


  • Artemisia Gentileschi  – A troubled artist who painted in order to deal with the trauma of her early life. The majority of her works include allegories and women seeking revenge on men who wronged them – something that Artemisia had experience of.


  • Dorothea Lange – one of the most famous photographers of the 1930’s – she documented the Dust Bowl and Depression. Despite the fact that her photos are widely known it is not very well known who took the photos.


  • Yayoi Kasuma – A Japanese sculptor and installation artist that has been working all her life. She is well known for her work using polka dots and other patterns. Besides installation and sculpting she has worked in fashion, performance art and writing amongst other areas.


  • Sturtevant – Her work can easily be confused for that of Andy Warhol. She was close friends with Robert Rauschenberg, Claes Oldenburg, Jasper Johns etc. Her work borders on appropriation and she has received criticism because of this – her work does however have its own individuality.


  • Elizabeth Peyton – Best known for her portraits of celebrities during the 1990s – her works are naturalistic caricatures of helices of Bowie, Liam Gallagher, Patti Smith and Prince Harry. Her works are a populist collection.


  • Gwen John – A welsh artist who was somewhat overshadowed by her brother Augustus John. Her reputation has grown since her death in 1939 – she is now regarded as a significant figure within Victorian art.


  • Gabrielle Munter – the student and lover of Wassily Kandinsky – they formed the centre of the German expressionist movement. She worked alongside Kandinsky and their 12 year relationship inspired each other aswell as other artists such as Franz Marc and other Avant Garde artists.

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