Beauty is in the detail – Islamic Art

Islamic art is one of the most complex visualisations of religious belief and faith. For a religion that is often unfairly demonised its artistic creations are not to be devalued.

The complex patterns, calligraphy and tiles create beautiful sequences of colour and shape. To the untrained eye they look perfect but they never are…

One of the rules of Islamic art is that there must be a purposeful error somewhere – to reflect the Muslim belief that only Allah is perfect.

Such art is seen everywhere in muslim countries – it is more municipal than private but nonetheless sacred – religion is integral to Muslim society from law to visual creativity.

Apart from the myriad tiles, Arabic calligraphy is also central in Islamic art – the practice of drawing such fine writing is a skill practiced by those who have devoted their lives to their religion – much like the monks of Lindisfarne in the 12th century or the monks of Buddhism who create the prayer wheels.

Art has forever been integral to all religions – regardless of denomination, time or place.


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