Optimising blog traffic…

Here are a few tips on how to get more traffic on your blog – whatever the topic of your posts.

  • Comment on other peoples blogs – not just ‘please check out xyz’ but write comments relating to their articles – its a motivation booster and they may be inspired to check out your content.


  • Write shorter posts – with the exception of Longreads, people like short posts because they can be understood quickly and are a condensed amount of information.


  • Post regularly – if people see that you lost regularly they are more likely to notice your posts on their feed and therefore are more likely to read them and you’ll get more views.


  • Be a resource – if your posts are useful to other people e.g DIY posts or other articles that can be used as revision or research posts they will attract more readers. Just think – you could one day become a footnote on someones thesis…haha


  • Add links – within your articles add links to other posts of your own or other peoples posts this means you get more overall views and people find out what your posts are like.


  • Tagging – use your tags properly: make sure you add tags that are appropriate to the subject matter of your post so that those people with interests in similar topics. Tags allow for greater spread of your posts and more views/followers


  • Headlines/Titles – make them interesting and enticing to possible readers. Here is where you use your language skills to interest other bloggers. If the title is good it’ll encourage people.


  • Right interesting articles that are unusual clever and funny or maybe include information that is not widely well known – people will be interested and want to read more of you articles.


  • Use your social media to optimise readers – make sure you post your blog articles to your other media accounts – this means your existing followers will read your blog posts and that way you will get more readers and traffic.


Good Luck!


Thanks for reading!!


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