Golden Art – not just gold leaf…

Art can be golden – literally. For some pieces of art there is more than just the appearance of the work – there’s the Golden Ratio: 1:1.618 – a number that is the foundation for the Fibonacci sequence and the resulting spirals that you can create.

Besides evidence of this pattern in nature – in shells, leaves, human proportions and even, and perhaps coincidentally, the shape of the African continent, the Golden spiral has also been used in art and architecture for centuries – there is evidence of it in the Mona Lisa, the Acropolis and Hokusai’s wave (see above) amongst others.

There have been many academic studies into why it is so prevalent in nature and art – it boils down to this: either we notice it everywhere because we like it aesthetically or it is simply because we have, as humans, created this sequence that so much of nature and creativity uses.

Either way the Golden Ratio and its applications – whether purposeful or random, will surely continue to intrigue us for many years to come.


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