The passing of time and the end of school…

So ….two things: I leave school in 2 weeks and next year ( i.e: 2018 ) I turn 20… has this happened!?

It’s a bizarre point in time when you realise that the summer holidays are not in fact holidays but the end of school and the beginning of the rest of life…WHAT?! 14 years of state education has come to an end and the nostalgia in the common room has been ridiculous over the past couple of weeks – I now find embarrassing stories of 11-year old – me hilarious and touching….don’t judge me…

And as for the small matter of having been alive for 2 decades….not only does that feel ancient but it gives you a certain sense of hindsight – I have lived through some pretty major events: I remember the 2004 tsunami, the coalition, the various wars, Gordon Brown, student loans, legalised gay marriage and Brexit – some crazy years…and these are just a few  – let alone the ones I don’t remember even though I was alive at the time.

The passing of time is a bizarre thing – not least because time is a human construct but the fact that you become more aware of how small you are within the grand scale of the world…ahhh philosophy – what a mind bender.

Here’s hoping the next period of my life is just enjoyable ….

Thanks for reading 🙂


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