March Playlist

This months tracks that I’ve been listening to….

  • Cosmic Dancer, T.Rex – an ode to dancing through life and with an enviable electric guitar line to boot. The more chilled, but still psychedelic, end of the glam rock band’s oeuvre.


  • Big Time, Rudi – a contemporary of the Undertones. This was one of their singles that did well and it’s clear to see why – I challenge you to stay in your seat….i bet you it can’t be done.


  • Elusive, Scott Mathews – lovely lyrics and acoustic feel and oh so melancholy but it doesn’t seem to be a bad thing here. If you like Nick Drake this one will be a winner I’d say.


  • Mama’s Always on Stage, Arrested Development – an oldie but a goldie, the roots of hip hop from way back when – still an old faithful when it comes to getting people on the dance floor.


  • Lone Digger, Caravan Palace – love this track by the French electro – swing group and was so glad to see them live the other year at Bestival! good electro-swing pure and simple.


  • Freaky Feedback Blues, Benji Hughes – so, so chilled – the stoner’s perfect Sunday morning track.


  • I can Never go Home Anymore, The Shangri – Las – the favourite band of Undertones discoverer Terri Hooley, 60s girlband standard – boy meets girl, parents get in the way its rather tragic really and has a rather haunting feel but it’s a great track nonetheless.


There’s not one particular album of the month because I’ve been listening to too much to decided because …I now have a Mixcloud stream – have a listen….

DJ Decibelle – Mixcloud Mixes



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